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Resume Must Haves and Tips

Résumé Must Haves
Open up your copy Now!

Everyone should have a résumé.  It’s the story of you and what you can bring to the table for a potential employer, for an internship, for a volunteer program or, if you are a high school student, to your potential next educational endeavor. It gives a snapshot of your achievements, talents, and interests as well as giving people a reason to want to play a part in your success. Plus, it’s an ultra important tool to showcase what you've achieved during your work career. 

This must have guide will help you get started, and, if you need more help, there are lots of resources we'll be creating for you to help you even more, so check back often! 


In the meantime, check as terrific resource to start planning your next career.

Tell Us:  Are you part of the "Great Resignation", part of your own "Great Shift" or just taking a look at what opportunities are out there for you?

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