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ECNY Corp with Maria Frey at the helm has been helping job seekers learn the most effective and cutting-edge job search techniques for over 10 years.  From individual consultation services to Job Search Boot Camps® and Workshops, they have armed  thousands of job seekers in landing “A to B” to fulfilling dream jobs.  To date, over 40% of participants in ECNY Corp’s programs land before the program’s completion.


Based upon the methodology of teaching people how to attain employment via networking, ECNY teaches the fundamentals necessary to be able to recreate a successful job search if employment is lost or reduced more than once. While it may be easier for us as former Executive Headhunters to find employment for the people we assist, we believe that by sharing our synergistic techniques we promote sustainable change and assist people  for a lifetime.

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Job Search Boot Camp Class

Job Search Boot Camps

Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills

Resume Creation 
Career Strategy

Group Programs (to Attend or Teach)

Our program and workshop techniques were developed and are continually honed by a Team of successful Corporate Headhunters and Executives who have the experience of speaking with and placing 1000s of candidates into their next roles across a wide range of industries. While we understand that these are unprecedented times with the great resignation, the great pool of candidates and employers hiring at unprecedented rates, our programs continue to show that ECNY Job Search Boot Camp® Participants are attaining employment faster.s is your Services Page. It's a great opportunity to provide information about the services you provide. Double click on the text box to start editing your content and make sure to add all the relevant details you want to share with site visitors.

Job Search Boot Camp® 

An intensive program immersing participants in today’s most effective and synergistic techniques used by top sales, marketing, and recruitment professionals to get you differentiated, get noticed and ultimately get hired.  Job search skills we teach include Elevator Pitch & Resume Development, Career Strategy, Interviewing Techniques, LinkedIn Training, Networking, among other much needed skills. 


Our programs have yielded an average success rate of over 40% in job attainment, within 8 weeks or less. 


  • Resume Review & Development

  • LinkedIn Training

  • Security Settings & Profile Development

  • How to Work with Recruiters Effectively, Elevator Pitch    Development

  • Interviewing Techniques

  • Core Competency Identification

  • Quantifiable Bullet Development

  • How to Read and Understand Employment Contracts 

  • Creating an Impactful Resume Opening Summary

  • Resume Formatting in MS Word & Google Docs

  • Job Searching Online

  • Developing Your Personal Brand

  • How to Target Companies & Employers

  • Social Media & Your Job Search

One-On-One Individual Coaching Career Strategy Session Services 

Every effective job search, job move, or career change should have the effective tools to get you to the goal of the right opportunity. ECNY Corp offers these important services to get you there (additional job search strategy services available upon request): 


  • Career Strategy Consultations One on one set (3) 15-minute phone conversations designed to answer questions about any career topic. May include research techniques, troubleshooting tricky questions, and guidance for job search strategy.


  • Resume Review 30-minute one-on-one resume review (via phone) to provide recommendations for improvement.


  • Resume Development Usually takes 2-4 hours depending on format and content of original document. Includes one-on-one conversation to understand and gather detail intricacies of experience, job duties and results of what you have achieved. 

  • LinkedIn Review & Editing Usually takes 1-2 hours, depending on current profile. Includes one-on-one conversation to understand and detail intricacies of experience, job duties and results of what you have achieved. 


  • LinkedIn Strategy Training 1-2 hours, depending on your knowledge of how LinkedIn works. Include one-on-one Zoom meeting reviewing LinkedIn, best practices, strategies, and security settings.


  • Interview Coaching Usually takes 1-2 hours. Includes one-on-one mock interview, tips on how to answer tricky questions, and how to direct or lead the interview to maximize your strengths.


  • Job Search Strategy Package

    • A Job Search Strategy Session including a 60-minute call or face-to-face 

    • An Interview Prep Session including a 60-minute call or face-to-face 

    • 2-hour Resume Review including two rounds of edit recommendations (within 2 weeks) 

    • 2-hour LinkedIn strategy and coaching session focusing on group development, how to connect with decision makers, and best practices. 


*Please contact us for current pricing. 

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