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Resume Writing & Development Services

Welcome to ECNY Corp's award-winning resume services. We'll  help you meet today's competitive job market with a standout resume to grab the attention of hiring managers and  avoid getting kicked out by application portals (ATS systems).

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Think of a resume as your personal marketing document. Its primary purpose is to effectively communicate the story of you, specifically in the job market, highlighting your skills, experiences, and achievements for potential employers. At Executive Consultants of New York, we consider a resume as your opportunity to make a strong first impression and showcase why you are a viable candidate for a specific role. Remember, a resume is not just a list of your qualifications; it's a strategic tool to market yourself effectively, display your skillsets and land the opportunities you desire. A great resume should:

  • Create a positive first impression - A polished resume presents you in a professional manner. 

  • Share your strengths through a robust opening statement similar to a strong elevator pitch.

  • Showcase your core competencies and specific job description keywords – Strong keywords are crucial in passing the initial screening an getting you selected by both applicant tracking systems   and hiring authorities.

  • Present your professional experience and demonstrate your achievements - Employers are not just interested in your job duties; they want to see what you've achieved in your previous roles. 

  • Customized for the role you are applying for – Highlighting specific successes that aligns well with the job opportunity allows for greater visibility and role fit in the eyes of the individualsrecruiting for the position.

  • Reflect your personal brand conveying your unique offerings and accomplishments.  

Our Resume Development
Philosophy Has Helped 1,000's of Job Seekers Land

"I've been unemployed for over 6 months and I was feeling defeated;
no interviews or prospects. Since
the bootcamp I've learned wonderful
tips for my resume, for LinkedIn, networking, and salary negotiation. Once I made the recommended updates to my resume, I was able to land 3 job interviews and now I feel more optimistic that I will get hired soon."   

Katherine H.
ECNY, Job Search Boot Camp®

Most people, even with loads of experience, don’t find it easy to identify their achievements in the workplace and get them down on paper.  This is where our magic comes into play! You bring your experience, and we help you in developing a well-crafted, strong, and individually authentic resume.  Our philosophy is to help you find your job proof points and assist you in being able to articulate your successes during an interview, networking opportunity, or informational conversation concisely and impactfully. We are not a cookie cutter resume builder service. We spend time talking through your work background and career interests to get a resume developed that is the best version of you and includes the intricacies of your experience, your job duties, and the results of what you have achieved. ECNY can help you build a resume that reflects and showcases you and gathers your unique and relevant job stories, skills, and experiences.



Whether you're a seasoned executive or a student, our personalized approach will help you create a resume that positions you to potential employers as someone they want to consider as their next hire. Elevate your career prospects with ECNY’s Resume Services – because your success begins with a remarkable resume. 

Our Process Matches Your Needs

What can I expect from your resume services?


  1. Needs Assessment - We look at your existing resume for free, if you have one, and will schedule a one-on-one call to identify resume needs. If you need to start from scratch, no problem! We do the same one-on-one process via phone.

  2. Ready to Start?  – We schedule one-on-ones, via Zoom, to bring your resume to life!

  3. Developing Your Resume - Resume development can take several hours depending on your specific goals and needs.  The process includes formatting, talking through your career goals, job history specifics and content development.

  4. Delivery of the Final Product, Your Remarkable Resume – You will receive a fully, formatted Word document that you can manipulate, if necessary, for your job applications and opportunities.


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