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Meet Maria Frey, Founder of ECNY Corp and ECNY Foundation

Helping you get back to work. 

 Job Search Boot Camps, Resume Development & Writing, LinkedIn Profile Development & Creation, Job Search Strategy, Networking Skills, Group Seminars, Training & Workshops.

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Our Story

ECNY Corp, with Maria Frey at the helm, has been helping local job seekers to those across the world learn the most effective and cutting-edge job search techniques for over 15 years. From individual career, resume, LinkedIn, interviewing technique and business coaching consultation services to Job Search Boot Camps® and Workshops, they have armed thousands of job seekers in landing “A to B” to fulfilling dream jobs.  To date, over 40% of participants in ECNY Corp’s programs land before the program’s completion.


Based upon the methodology of teaching people how to attain employment via networking, ECNY teaches the fundamentals necessary to be able to recreate a successful job search if employment is lost or reduced more than once. While it may be easier for us as former Executive Headhunters to find employment for the people we assist, we believe that by sharing our synergistic techniques we promote sustainable change and assist people for a lifetime. ECNY's strength lies in their knowledge of the job seeking world and their empathetic ability to tease out what the right course of action needs to be while individuals are looking for employment or switching jobs.

About Maria


IIt all started when Maria took a leap of faith and left her corporate role in  operations and started volunteering in her community helping people with the job search process and ultimately in developing their careers. She quickly realized that the resources available to people were few and far between for virtually anyone looking for a job. This ran the gamut from highschool graduates to veterans to moms returning to the workforce to senior executives plus everyone in between.  She set up her "office"in a local Starbuck’s where she networked her way to helping local community members who were seeking employment (and getting their cup of joe). She worked tirelessly with one job seeker after another getting them to develop and hone their job seeking skills so they could land gainful employment. Her work with the community ultimately led to the rise of her renowned Job Search Boot Camp®.  Thousands of job seekers later, she has helped many determine their own futures and land.

Some of Our Clients 

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