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Think of it as being an entrepreneur. Your Job Search Is Just Like a Job!

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Almost everyone gets to search to a job at one point or another, whether you’re just starting out in the working world, want to change careers or got the boot from your last role. The process of landing a job is no less work than having a job; it’s a multi-tasking responsibility that requires a set of skills no matter how long you’ve been in the workforce. You’re the entrepreneur of your own career search. Things like creating a plan of action to get opportunities, researching opportunities, creating the story of you in the form of a resume both on and offline, learning how to speak to potential hiring managers and even how to say “yes” once you land an offer are all critical in your search.

You’ve got to look at your job search as taking on all the roles in your own company. You’ll need to be the CEO and your objective is to: Get a new job, role, or gig. Here’s a look at the roles you will need to hire yourself for in your startup company we’ll affectionately call, Job Search Incorporated.

Data Analyst:

The role needs you to be a sleuth. Whether you stay in the current field you’re in or move to something new depends on the knowledge you gain in the process. What you’ll do.

  • Find information and insights to help you search for the right job and industries or even new career areas.

  • Learn the skills to succeed in the role(s) you are considering gaining insight and understanding about each role and organization you work towards.

  • Learn how to prepare for job interviews

  • Look at the companies you are targeting as well as your preferred industries in places like the company’s website, LinkedIn, by setting up Google and industry specific site.

Skills needed:

  • LinkedIn profile and understanding –get people to look at you, find you in a search and research companies and people you are interested in talking to about roles.

  • Google search –gain knowledge of how to search to find industries, roles, and information the kinds of jobs your skills will work for

  • Google alerts – set up information to flow from Google automatically around topics related to your search

Chief Technical Officer (CTO):

This role requires you to be a curious person who wants to learn new things. Being unemployed or searching for a new opportunity while working, are both great times to bone up or improve upon your skills. This can be helpful for finding, starting a new job or to get your employer to consider you for possible new roles or promotions.

  • Find new education, computer/technical certifications, and job specific training to add more skills to your knowledge and resume.

  • Research the universe of sources to find what you should learn for potential roles.

Skills Needed:

Google search – to find the right stuff to learn!

Chief of Marketing (CMO):

This role requires you to promote yourself to future and current employers!

Tell ‘em what you’ve got! Showcase your abilities, hard skills, and soft skills to demonstrate to employers you have what it takes to do the job they are looking to fill and have the skills to do it.

  • Have a well-developed LinkedIn profile.

  • Have strong resume with not only what you’ve done but how you did it and what you achieved with what you’ve done.

  • Networking know-how on Linked-In, at career fairs and all places where a job opportunity can arise.

Skills Needed:

  • Researching capabilities to find fitting opportunities to pursue

  • Resume writing

  • Networking

  • Self-promotion to get yourself out there, interview and land

Chief People Officer (HR):

This role is most important as it takes care of you as you search!

Being unemployed does not define you; nor does being stuck in a dead-end job.

Being successful includes key responsibilities for yourself:

· Be positive

· Seek out opportunities even if they seem hard to reach.

· Allow yourself to have a work/life balance as good as the situation allow.

· Remain committed to pursuing a better position, not just in work but in life.

“If you are going through hell, keep going…” -Winston Churchill

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